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What is Thermogenesis?

Formulated by the same company that produces Liquid Lipo, Thermogenesis is the next generation of fat dissolve treatments. The team of biochemists wanted to provide customers and clients with an alternative that dissolved deeper visceral fat and lipoma. After intense research, the original plan was to offer Thermogenesis as a home treatment. However, after testing it was found that the product is able to trigger ketosis in the body. This improves metabolism and burns fat, but it’s best done under the careful watch of experienced practitioners. Thermogenesis gets deep into the tissues of the body and works much further to create incredible results. For clients with more stubborn or visceral fat, Thermogenesis might be the right choice for you. Contact the staff at The Beauty Center today so you can schedule a consultation to find out whether this safe and highly effective treatment is right for your fat-burning needs.

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