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Following the success of Liquid Lipo, their team of biochemists wanted to offer an alternative, one that dissolved deeper visceral fat and Lipoma.

Following a period of research they developed Thermogenesis, their plan was to offer this as an in home treatment, however on testing it found to trigger ketosis in the body, this is beneficial as it results in effective burning of fat and improved metabolism, however because of this they felt it was necessary for the treatment to be carried out in a controlled environment by experienced practitioners.

Liquid Lipo gel is approved for home use because the mechanisms of its action work in a different way, it is no way less effective, but it works on the outer layers of fat, where as Thermogenesis gets deeper into the tissues and works much further into the body.

When you have a consultation your practitioner will go over what will best work for you, if you have more visceral fat or Lipoma then Thermogenesis maybe offered. When this is applied you will feel heat, this is perfectly normal and is a sign that the treatment is starting to work.

The results from clients using Thermogenesis has been astounding, where once Liposuction and surgery was the only option to remove Lipoma. This product is now offering a viable and effective alternative, by offering non surgical, non invasive options, we are at the forefront of the latest in scientific breakthroughs.

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