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Liquid Lipo is not just for the woman, it also works just as well on men's breast fat!

  • 1 hour
  • From $180
  • Blenheim

Service Description

Did you know that up to 40% of men are reported to have gynaecomastia. Man boobs can be caused by puberty in boys or by taking medical or performance enhancing drugs. Although alcohol is not a drug, it is widely accepted that it can contribute to feminising male boobs. If you consume a lot of alcohol and have man boobs, try cutting back for a little while and see if it helps. While female breast growth is stimulated by oestrogen, male breasts are influenced by oestrogen and testosterone. The problem with boys who get to develop gynecomastia in their bodies start to produce more oestrogen than testosterone turning their male chest into man boobs. Some men have gland or fat tissue that accumulates under the areola or even extends slightly past the areola area. This causes the areola to become enlarged or appear “puffy” dome shaped. In cases where the areola is enlarged more than the typical size for a male. Liquid Lipo topical fat dissolve can help dissolve the breast fat and reduce the puffyness of the areola. Liquid Lipo Gel is applied to the whole of the breast and then wrapped with the use of contour straps. A few treatments may be needed to get optimal results. Ask about a package deal. If you have fatty lumps within the breast then you will need our strongest topical fat dissolve gel called Thermogenesis(can not be applied to the areola), to break them down first. Always get any lumps checked with your doctor first.

Contact Details

  • Blenheim, New Zealand


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