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Thermogenesis Lite 75% is our new fat dissolve gel combining our Liquid Lipo and our salon only product Thermogenesis, that is used to target harder/deeper visceral fat, and can be used on little pockets of fat within the skin.


Do you have the right Fat Dissolve?


Below is our other Fat dissolves that treat different types of fat, to get maximum results.


Thermolite 50% fat dissolve is a combination of Liquid Lipo and Thermogenesis fat dissolves.

This fat dissolve is used to target both visceral and subcutaneous fat, thicker yet wobbly fat.


Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve causes the secretion of fat from the cell, specifically in the subcutaneous region(top layer).

Perfect for loose skin, wobbling fat. lifting pouches.


For stubborn deeper fat or lipoma's you may need our salon treatment using 100% Thermogenesis.


Home Kit contains:

  • 50ml(5 x 10ml pots of product that treats an A4 size area)
  • 2 x Bandages
  • Tape Measure
  • Exfoliation Mitt
  • Latex Free Gloves
  • Instruction Booklet

You would just need to supply Gladwrap.

If you buy water from the supermarket, then I would recommend Pure Dew.

Thermogenesis Lite 75 % 5 Day Home Kit(50ml)