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Purchase the bigger bottle and treat up to 3 areas at one time. 


In your Home Kit you get 20 days of product for one A4 area(10ml each), Instructions, Tape measure, Syringe to messure product out, Exfoliation Mitt, latex free gloves, 2 x Contour Straps and Gladwrap


Liquid Lipo Fat Dissolve causes the secretion of fat from the cell, specifically in the subcutaneous region(top layer).

Perfect for loose skin, wobbling fat. lifting pouches.


Liquid Lipo is applied to the skin using a wrap. The product is infused with high grade essential oils that carry the fat dissolve formula into the tissues, which then travels to and targets fat cells, reducing their size and allowing the fat within to be naturally broken down by the body into water and Carbon Dioxide.

The wrap is left on for 2 hours


This bigger size bottle is idea for people wanting to treat multiple areas at one time. The Home Kit comes with everything you need to carry out this treatment, all you need to do is find somewhere to relax for 2 hrs and have water at hand. Remember to drink at least 2 litres of water a day to flush out the liquidfied fat.

Liquid Lipo Home Treatment 200ml Home Kit