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In 2017, Kirsty, a 30 year old parent, was upset and back to square one with her expanded abdomen and weight issues. She had fell victim to another fad namely the water loss wraps. These 'water loss' treatment comes disguised in many different names with the end result always being the same- inch loss was back within the 24hr period. Kirsty was borderline anorexic with an unhealthy obsession with the gym, after having eleven operations on her abdomen due to suffering with endometriosis her stomach held scar tissue, muscle distension and trapped fat.

At this point, Kirsty then decided to start her Biological journey to understand why we store fat in certain areas of the body and set out to break down the mechanism of the skin layer by layer.

Fascinatingly she found in multiple country's the condition she was suffering alongside endometriosis was Lipoma 'blockage of fat and lymphatic drainage', it was a relief to realise that essential weight gain and stubborn weight loss is not always down to diet.

In Bulgaria, a fat dissolving gel was used to break down these Lipomas permanently. Kirsty began to import different solutions whilst under the supervision of biochemists.

Eventually three gels showed promising signs and 3,000 participants and 28 months later Liquid Lipo Ltd was born, and it has transformed the beauty Industry Globally!

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