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The UKs only clinically approved fat dissolving gel. Formulated, developed and manufactured. Liquid Lipo Ltd works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing their lipid's into your bloodstream, which exit your body safely and naturally through your Lymphatic Drainage System( Urine, Bowel and Sweat Glands). Not only detoxing, but exacerbating lymphatic drainage and metabolic increase, transporting the previous inaccessible fat through the liver.

The result is a significantly proven faster weight loss, and a slimmer body shape. In fact, Liquid Lipo Ltd works so fast that it can get through 1-2 inches of fat in around 2 hours. Liquid Lipo Ltd reduces the size of fat cells within the skin, as the gel microencapsulates the subcutaneous tissue to open the cell's pores.

Once the pores are open, the fat is turned into a liquid form and compressed even smaller. Then the excess fat is flushed out through natural hydration.

The effects are not temporary , as fat cells expand naturally as you ingest food. A few people have said that because Liquid Lipo Ltd has "liquefied" and emptied blocked fat cells, they have not felt the urge to eat as much as their abdomen has tightened.

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What is Liquid Lipo ?

How does it work?

Liquid Lipo is a revolutionary UK produced approved for worldwide distribution) fat dissolve gel, it is the only one of its kind in the world. It is a topical agent that works in a similar manner to fat dissolve injections, but unlike its more invasive counter part Liquid Lipo has less potential for harmful side effects and works over a larger area, it is more cost effective and has less recovery time.

Liquid Lipo is applied to the skin either on its own using a wrap, or prior to treatments such as cavitation. Much in a similar way to how transdermal patches allow medication to cross the skin. Liquid Lipo is infused with high grade essential oils that carry the fat dissolve formula into the tissues; It then travels to and targets fat cells, reducing their size and allowing the fat within to be naturally broken down by the body into water and Carbon Dioxide. These byproducts are then safely excreted via the breathing, the bowel and urine, also via the skin during perspiration. It is important to drink 2 litres of water following treatment to flush out the fat.

is it safe?

Yes! Side effects are unlikely and minimal, it should be avoided in areas of broken skin or if you are pregnant or breast feeding. There has been over 7000 bottles sold in the last several months and no significant side effects have been reported, it is approved for home use Globally by trading standards.

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does it work?

Yes, Liquid Lipo was produced by the top biochemical experts in their field, it follows 3 years of research and clinical trials involving over 3000 participants. In all cases Liquid Lipo was shown to remove fat and not water. Our studies showed that in other topical fat removal products only water was removed, NOT fat. Liquid Lipo is a proven and effective treatment in the removal of fat.

how long does it take?

Treatment generally takes 1 hour in clinic if using in a wrap, we advise 2 hours if carrying out at home in a wrap, this is because it accounts for user error, for example, the wrap not being tight enough when appling to themselves.

In clinic, the wrap can be applied 30 minutes prior to any machine work that will maximise results in a shorter time, allow for extra clinic time.

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