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While in the formative stages of developing LIquid Lipo our biochemists were also coming up with a revolutionary new tanning product.

Following researched they found that most self tanning products are made with pollen, this clogs pores, and result in body odor, as the pores become packed with sweat and waste products. They decided to create a revolutionary base that did not use pollen, and instead used vegan friendly ingredients including Aloe Vera and Castor oil to improve skin tone and texture, it does not block pores and does not leave unpleasant smells.

At Liquid Lipo we were watching the science very closely, and became interested in the mechanisms of the tan mist, it tans to pigment and has been created using the latest in scientific advances, we love the idea of beauty products based on real science. We decided to work together and combine the two products, adding a weaker concentration of the fat dissolve gel to the mist, thus allowing for cellulite removal in areas it is applied to.

These two groundbreaking, cutting edge products work alongside each other to reduce the appearance of cellulite and leave the perfect false tan.

Pollen is an allergen, which can trigger skin reactions, block pores and can cause allergies, This product has none. This product contains castor oil and Aloe Vera these can prevent acne, moisturises, fights ageing, it can reduce wrinkles, prevent puffiness and promotes skin health.

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