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My name is Lorraine. 

I started my career in the Hair and Beauty industry years ago in the UK.

Then I took along break out of the beauty world, but carried on doing Hairdressing. Hair is one of the most important features of a person, and how it makes you feel.

I've been involved with many people that suffer with very fine hair, or hair loss due to many factors going on in their lives.

A few years back I decided to follow my passion and get back into my Beauty Therapy.

I didn't want to just do the usual beauty treatments, so I did my research. My main focus was helping people feel amazing with Non-surgical treatments, but still getting great results.

So I’ve kept an eye on the latest beauty trends, and the treatments out there just keep getting better & better! 

Two of the most advanced beauty treatments out there at the moment is the Plasma Pen, which enhance looks without going under the knife, and the HyaPen for No Needle Lip filler.

So I did my Advanced training with Louise Walsh International. 

I’m always looking at ways to make people feel better about themselves. For me it's about getting results over profit.

Over the years I have become very skin focus. It's not  how you can look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside too.

At 19 I was a big sun worshipper which resulted in me getting skin cancer, so now I am very sun wise and follow protocol for sun safety.

More exciting news! New products & treatments have arrived at The Beauty Center. These are a game changer!!

So I have become part of a UK company called Liquid Lipo Ltd that have done a huge amount of research to find the right products that actually work as a Topical agent.

They have gone Global! Now it is here!!

Have a look at the treatments and retail products. There is also Home kits that has helped a huge amount of people in lockdown.

And another exciting add to The Beauty Center, that will help everyone.

I said that I was very focused on the skin from the Inside too, so I have learnt a lot on gut health, inflammation and the Omega fats.

I suffer with flare ups of Inflammatory Rosacea on my face, not pretty, and internal inflammation, painful.

So since taking  products, which is manufactured in Norway in there own lab, I am amazed at how my skin looks on the outside and how much my energy has returned, also my gut health is so much better and keeps on improving.

I trial everything on myself, as I am very focused on Health and Wellbeing too and making sure  there is real results.

So please lovely people, have a look through my website, read about each company and I hope I can help you in anyway I can X




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